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I'm Leah.That's LEE-uh not LAY-uh. 20 year-old community college student. I say what's on my mind but that doesn't mean I actually give any thought to the things I say. Sexuality is fluid which is why mine doesn't have a label. I live each day hoping for the best, but expecting the worst. If there's anything you want know, then feel free to ask because there's no secrets in this open book :)


the first time giving a blow job like image

I have always had my friends backs when they were going through drama and I have always jokingly told them to “Let the haters be your motivators”. Now I believe it is time to take my own advice. First and foremost, I have never tried to be and will never try to be any body BUT myself. I understand that people’s preferences tend to overlap especially when you’ve grown close but that doesn’t in any way mean I’m trying to be like you. I love myself and every part of my personality from my love of tattoos to my crazy red hair. I’m sorry that you feel that has something to do with you because it doesn’t. Secondly, the fact that we own the same style car ALSO has nothing to do with you. I apologize that Craigslist lead me to the later version of your exact car. It’s got good gas mileage and it was cheap…sue me. Thirdly, I never stole anything from you, ever. I never stole your friends, I never stole your style, nothing. You lost each and every one of those all on your own. If people no longer wish to be around you that’s because they choose to and most definitely not because I made them. Lastly, please don’t flatter yourself. I didn’t do anything to personally hurt you or attack you and I know its hard to believe but not everything in my life revolves around “getting back” at you. I dropped our friendship purely because it was something I needed to do for myself. You’re not a victim and you never will be because you bring all of this on yourself, just remember that. You know nothing about struggling in life because everything has been handed to you and once you go through some hard times I think you will understand that. I’m sorry you feel like I wronged you and I’m sorry you felt like you had to go and make a tumblr post about it. I’m sorry you thought that post wouldn’t make it back to me. I tried to end this friendship as nicely as possible but don’t ever think I won’t stick up for myself when someone is trying to drag me or anything about me through the mud.


Ellen Page is so brave. Can you imagine being a gay woman and pretending you’re attracted to Michael Cera